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Enhance your cyber resilience.


Cyber Security and Privacy policies are designed to help businesses manage financial and reputational costs as a result of a breach of network security or an unauthorized access or release of private information data.


  • Coverages offered by most insurers: first party, third party and privacy breach costs coverages.
    • Third party coverage includes security and privacy liability coverage, regulatory proceeding defense costs, civil fines and penalties coverage (where insurable by law) and internet media liability coverage.
    • Privacy breach costs coverages includes forensic investigation, legal and public relationships expenses, notification expenses and credit monitoring costs.
    • First party coverage includes digital assets replacement expense coverage, business incomes loss and dependent business income loss coverage, cyber extortion threat and reward payments coverage.


  • Global underwriting expertise: In partnership with global insurers and it´s dedicated teams of underwriters we deliver in-depth industry experience and broad knowledge of the cyber security and privacy protection market place to help mitigate your risks.


  • Access to broad range of pre and post breach services: Insurers have established a network of vendors available to you who can provide you with pre and post breach services at discounted rate, as well as afford access to Risk Engineering tools and services.


  • Cyber Security and privacy policy can be arranged as a global program to manage your risk globally, with consistent coverage and access to claim and risk engineering services on the ground.


  • Delivering when it matters: The global team of claims professionals can help you through the difficult period of a cyber security and privacy breach with prompt assistance.


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