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Our Goal

To educate and help our clients to make better informed risk decisions “creating a culture of risk awareness”.



What We Do

Quantitative and Qualitative Risks

  • We develop leading risk management principles, practices, approaches and models, as well as provide our clients with pertinent advice and tools necessary to adopt this system of knowledge
  • We work closely with our clients to enhance their ability to measure risk, transfer or manage it and report on it


Operational Risks

  • We focus on data and model risk and help our clients improve the efficiency of their operational risk management related to front office activities
  • From rogue trading pattern detection, to prevention of internal pricing model arbitrage, we implement a wide range of operational risk solutions



Industry Expertise

Alternative Investments

  • What we do:
    • Key performance measures for different strategies and aggregation into overall portfolio measures
    • Simple yet robust modelling of extreme events (tail risk)
    • Risk convergence: Systematic harmonization of governance, risk management and control functions
    • Operational and Investment Due Dilligence
    • Develop portfolio insurance strategy



  • Oil & Gas. We help our clients unlock value by:
    • Assisting with due diligence in preparing for an acquisition
    • Designing and implementing effective and understandable energy hedging strategies that fit the unique need of each client
    • Developing refinery margins optimization using a combination of financial instruments
    • Developing new or optimizing existing (re)insurance program


  • Energy Markets, Utilities, Alternative / Renewable Energy:
    • We design, trade, and provide commodity-linked weather products as risk management tools in the energy markets
    • Effectively manage supply intermittence that is inherent in renewable assets, and optimize their dispatch in the balancing and the day-ahead markets
    • We provide risk transfer solutions to hedge weather intermittence. These solutions may be used to enhance project financing and manage seasonal or annual cash flow risk
    • We develop new or optimize existing (re)insurance program


Climate Resilience

  • Physical climate risks:
    • We develop risk transfer solutions and risk capacity for risks caused by the increasing occurrence of extreme weather such as drought, extreme rainfall, heat waves, the polar vortex and extreme snow storms. These risks became critical drivers of financial performance for businesses globally



  • What we do:
    • We develop financial products and (re)insurance solutions to assist agricultural companies and farmers and enable adverse weather situation relief to better manage crop yield exposures



  • What we do:
    • Develop financial products and (re)insurance solutions to assist developers and investors to better manage risks inherent to infrastructure projects



  • Comming soon:
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